Android Google Study Jams Brussels Episode 2

Written on March 10 2015.

This blog post was written a long time ago and may not reflect my current opinion or might be technically out of date. Read with a grain of salt.

audience at the Study Jam

We are now at week 6 of the google study jam in Brussels. Things have been smooth so far. We are a core group of attendees with different backgrounds and goals, which is always nice.

This week's lesson was about Content Provider and the URI concepts. Most of the questions were about the utility of this way of doing and we talked quite a lot about the different strategies to load data into an application.

Here are the links about the tools and libraries people have mentioned:

All in all, the most important lesson is that people should use what they're comfortable with. Choosing a persistence strategy is something that you should think about. Using external libraries that are far from the android way of doing also conveys a certain risk (e.g., library maintenance).

We also had a question about how to do animations and how to read/manipulate SVG objects. This is also a large topic but here are a few pointers:

Once again, if you're interested and want to participate, join the Google Developer Group Brussels on Meetup!