Scroll UITableView to currently selected UITextField

Written on May 20 2013.

This blog post was written a long time ago and may not reflect my current opinion or might be technically out of date. Read with a grain of salt.


I have a UITableView. Each cell of the table view has a UITextField in its contentView. The table view is actually a giant form.

In iOS when a tableView has cells containing textfield, it is supposed to scroll when a textfield becomes the first responder so focused textfield is visible when the user edits its content.

It wasn't the case for me.


Do not forget the [textField resignFirstResponder] when passing the isFirstResponder to the next textfield. Otherwise the tableView won't scroll to the new first responder when editing.

{% highlight objective-c %}

{% endhighlight %}

Et voilĂ , the tableView will scroll as you expect.