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I'm currently working at Ta Mère SCRL a small development shop in Belgium.

We mainly do mobile apps (iOS, Android) for clients. We also have a strong interest in Pharo Smalltalk and Rust.

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Pharo mailing list weekly summary

12 Mar 2011 in mailing list pharo summary weekly update 

Once again, the week was very busy in the Pharo mailing list. It seems that Pharo 1.2 release is imminent. I skipped a massive amount of threads in this summary. If I removed something important for you, just shout and I’ll edit this post.

Next week, the Pharo mailing list weekly summary will move to the official Pharo website. Yeah !


  • Deep into Smalltalk took place this week, about 45 people attended. It seems that Mariano enjoyed it very much! Presentation slides are available and courses were recorded. Videos are not there yet but I’ll update this post as soon as they are.


  • Doru announced the Glamorous Tool Project. The goald is to build a set of Smalltalk development tools based on Glamour. Is this the future of Pharo development tools ? full thread.

  • There is now an issue tracker for Cog. full thread

  • Esteban released a new Cocoa VM: This is a non Cog VM. This release adds no feature but small steps are better than big jumps. full thread

  • Umezawa-san told us that SIXX now works on Pharo 1.2 and Squeak 4.2. full thread

  • InterpretorSimulator is now working with the latest images. Pavel warned us that it is far from perfect that it should work with small headless images. full thread

  • Benjamin built a new Morphic widget: “SwitchableTreeWidget”. It should works fine on Pharo 1.2 (expect problems with 1.3). Load it and tell him what you think. full thread


  • There are some discussions about using the SqueakSSL plugin with Pharo. That would help to use HTTPS. At the moment, stunnel is a possible solution. full thread

  • There are plans to bring Pharo in the Apple Store. The discussion moved to Apple vs the rest of the world and the future of computing and licensing questions. full thread

  • Hilaire asked how to get bigger cursor in Pharo. Apparently Torsten has worked on this. full threads here and there

  • Laurent is doing TDD for GUI development. There are no special tools for this and Laurent struggled a bit with #visible which always returns true. Ben showed the trick to detect if a window is closed. full thread

  • Stef tried to install OSProcess in his image and ran into trouble. Beware that you need a VM with the OSProcess plugin. full thread

  • Alexandre explained different solution on how to run Smalltalk in a web browser.full thread

  • Hilaire ran into trouble when installing DejaVuBitmapFonts on Pharo core 1.3. Fernando shared the snippet he uses. full thread

  • Problems with the integration process and the Hudson server for 1.2. The Great and Perfect Release Cycle is not an easy goal. full thread

That’s all folks, see you next week !