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We mainly do mobile apps (iOS, Android) for clients. We also have a strong interest in Pharo Smalltalk and Rust.

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Pharo mailing list weekly summary

24 Feb 2011 in pharo smalltalk weekly update 

End of week, time for the weekly Pharo digest. Following Ken Brown’s suggestion, I’ve renamed it weekly summary to avoid the confusion with the digest you automatically get from mailing list servers.

As I was on holidays, the summary will be short this week. If I missed something really important, let me know, I’ll edit this post.


  • Pharo sprint organised in Bern this Saturday (26th October). The taks of the day is to discuss and improve the Pharo IDE. Anyone can join (Smalltalk newcomers are welcome).


  • Moose is available in version 4.3. Moose is a platform for software and data analysis. (the announcement)

  • Miguel updated the configuration of OSProcess. The confifuration takes the symbolic versions into account. OSProcess provides access to operating system functions (full thread)

  • Benjamin wrote a Messenger application to run inside Pharo. Hopefully that could help the developers to communicate when working on Pharo. (full thread).

  • Laurent wrote a simple XML browser. Very handy ! (full thread)

  • Alexandre announced MetacelloBrowser. This tool seems to be the best friend of Metacello. (full thread)


  • Adrien asked how to load OmniBrowser in PharoCore 1.3. Guillermo gave the magic command ;) (full thread)

  • Hilaire asked how to change the default font size (he is working on the XO laptop). It is always the kind of tips you eventually need. (full thread)

  • He also got some problems with the Cog VM and the locale plugin. (full thread)

  • Stef asked how people reify XML and objects. Using XMLParser is always the same the same boring work. full thread

  • Olivier asked how to change the Pharo logo in the IDE. This is also the kind of simple question that you will probably ask one day. (full thread)


  • Mariano is back after 25 days of holidays without internet. I guess I’ll have much more work for my weekly summaries now ;)

  • Stef continues to comment FileSystem and asked the opinion of the community on some point. (full thread)

  • The virtual sprint for Pharo 1.2 was a bit hard to organise because of timezones (doodle). I have no idea if it was successful though.

  • Squeaksource is down more and more often these days. As usual, people talked about possible replacements. There will be at least one alternative (Esteban has something, The Iliad guys and Esug are working and I’ve heard about a possible Squeaksource 3). Read the (full thread) if you’re interested. Another thread can also be a good read in you are in the version control thing. With the success of Github, it is crucial from a community perspective to have a nice place to host our beloved source code.

  • Another consulting company said:

Smalltalk or FoxPro should be junked or moved to a new system immediately as a result of non-support and no further development of the environments.

You can imagine the reactions in the mailing list ;) full thread

  • State of Magma in Pharo by Miguel. Magma is an object-oriented database. thread

Thanks for reading !